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Archives & Manuscripts Department: Dissertations

Q: How do I search for a Dissertation?

A: If you know the author or title you may enter those terms in the Library’s Catalog Search interface.  On the results page select “Thesis/Dissertation”.

For example: 

Author:  Wright, Trakela Roshae  

Title:  The ecological assessment of Southern University's Mississippi River bank (Scott's Bluff).

NOTE!!  All Master Theses and Dissertations published after 2010 are available ONLINE ONLY. 

(Use the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Database @ Southern University and A&M College) to find PDF's of dissertations completed at SU since 2010.  Pre-2010 dissertations are in the library.

The Availability of Dissertations (at a glance) 

This is a general breakdown on the availability of dissertations located at the John B. Cade Library and Online.

Southern University Dissertations 2010 to present 

  • we are likely to have a physical copy in our archives, [Non-circulating and not available for interlibrary loan] but (searchable through our catalog),
  • we are likely to have a physical copy in the stacks [If more than one copy is listed for a particular title, it is available for checkout and interlibrary loan] (searchable through our catalog),
  • it is available immediately from Proquest's Dissertations and Theses (SU)*,
  • the title is searchable through (WorldCat's Dissertation Abstracts*).

   Southern University Dissertations prior to 2010  

Interlibrary Loan for Dissertations* 

Interlibrary Loan is only available to SU Students, Faculty, and Staff. If you are a guest, your own institution (public library or otherwise) might be able to interlibrary loan it for you.

All Southern University Interlibrary Loans rules and limitations apply.