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Open Educational Resources (OER): Southern University's Open Library For Education

This LibGuide was created to to explain OERs and their use in saving students money on the cost of textbooks while improving learning.

Southern University

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What is SUOL4ed?

This eLearning portal is a partnership between Southern University System (SUS) of Louisiana and the MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) organization. It represents the SU System's commitment to promoting student success by providing affordable educational alternatives to traditional textbooks and quality digital learning materials for learning and online teaching. Here you'll find a wealth of open educational resources (OER) for students, faculty, and staff in one convenient location. 
Learn more about how and why we're doing this.

This site helps you:

  • locate free quality online learning materials anytime, from any location;
  • lower the cost of attending college for all SU System's College students;
  • improve the learning experience by offering rich educational materials at the point of need;
  • organize course learning materials quickly and easily using digital file storage solutions;
  • review the great work that SU System's faculty and partner institutions are doing through the Faculty and Course Showcase;
  • share in the best practices and learning materials with Louisiana faculty and faculty around the world; and
  • promote student success by offering digital learning materials at the beginning of the course.