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John B. Cade Library e-Textbook Initiative: Affordable Learning Initiative

John B. Cade Library Affordable Learning Initiative

John B. Cade Library e-Textbook Service: Affordable Learning Initiative

Through the Affordable Learning LOUISIana Initiative, John B. Cade Library is striving to save students money by reducing the cost of instructional materials with the use of Affordable Educational Resources (AERs), Open Educational Resources (OERs), and other open-access materials. 

All e-books in the Affordable Learning LOUISIana Initiative offer unlimited user, DRM-free licenses, enabling an entire class to use a title simultaneously and without usability restrictions.

Complete the form below to provide the library information about your course.

Faculty Portal

About The Faculty Portal

The Faculty Portal provides a simple search interface for faculty to identify content the library can purchase that can be provided free-of-charge to students in place of costly textbooks. eBooks in the search that are not currently owned by John B. Cade Library will be purchased for course use.



To begin your search for Affordable Educational Resources, and Open Educational Resources (OERs) enter your subject in the search box. Once you identify an eBook for your course click on the  Fill out a request to order a copy of this itemRequest a purchase of this Item from your libraryComplete the form by entering your contact information. The bibliographic information will automatically be attached to your request. Once you have completed the form click SUBMIT. The request will be forwarded to the librarian. You will be contacted once the request is received.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Ms. Payne at (225)771-2604.

*All requests must be submitted by Thursday, December 5, 2019.


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