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Technical Services: Services


What we do.

  • Purchase and receive library resources requested by faculty and library liaisons       
  • Catalogs library materials to the library’s collection
  • Select books, journals, audio-visuals, electronic media and online access arrangements
  • Evaluate materials offered to the library as gifts.         
  • Accept  requests for books, etc. from our users.
  • Order books and other formats for the library
  • Receive shipments of books, etc.
  • Verify book,  purchase order invoices and process them for payment
  • Receive and distribute the library’s mail
  • Add call number labels, library ownership stamps, and security devices to new books
  • Enter new books in the library’s catalog
  • Process theses and dissertations received
  • Maintain the library’s collection
  • Bind, rebind, or repair books, etc. as needed
  • Transfer materials between areas of the library
  • Perform library inventory and identify books that are missing
  • Search for missing books
  • Update  location and holdings information in the library’s online (Inventory)
  • Revise online catalog entries to utilize newly developed improvements in cataloging.             
  • Remove books, etc. from the library when they are no longer needed (Discard)
  • Offer books, etc. discarded from this library to other libraries.
  • Maintain statistical records on expenditures for books, journals, etc.