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Instruct InfoLit Modules: Instruct

Instruct InfoLit Modules are a good source if you need a refresher or additional help with information on research, citations, sources of information, database research strategies and more.

Pre-Test/Post-Test Assessments

Accessing Instruct off-campus

Welcome to the Instruct Information Literacy Modules. The modules are a good source if you need a refresher or additional help with how to do research. Feel free to utilize all the modules at your convenience or click on a selected module.  The Instruct modules can be accessed by clicking the hyperlink of the topics displayed.  Be sure to complete each module and quiz in the each section.

Login Information when working off-campus

You will be prompted to enter a USER NAME and PIN to view and complete Instruct Modules (See the image below).  This information verifies you as a Southern University Student and registered library user.  


USER NAME=BANNER NUMBER (Example: S00012345 or U0123456)


*If you are having trouble signing into Instruct InfoLit Modules complete the Student Information Form and a librarian will contact you.

CLICK HERE to complete the Student Information Form


If you have any questions please feel free to contact.

Maletta Payne

Emerging Technologies Librarian

John B. Cade Library

Telephone Number: (225)771-2604